5005 C & E Trail, Lacombe AB., CA. T4L 1N5

Email: lacombevolunteerlink@gmail.com

Phone: 403 786-0110



The College Heights church is one of eight churches that are supporting members of the Lacombe and District Volunteer Link.  I am proud to say that we have been a member church for about thirteen years. The office is not currently open due to COVID.  You may phone the office, and speak to Jean on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings between 9.30 and 11.30 A.M.


The Volunteer Link mission statement is to provide Christ centered, kind, loving and respectful assistance to those in need in our community, through the use of dedicated volunteers.


Our volunteers are the backbone of the Volunteer Link.  Without them, the Link could not operate!


Volunteer Link policy: Any volunteer has a right to refuse to drive or visit if there is any perceived risk to themselves.   It could be bad weather, not feeling well or in the present case, the COVID-19 risk.  There will be absolutely no repercussions to the volunteer.


For your information, following is the list of current board members.


Doug Mass                                  St. Andrew’s United Church                                                          Chairman


Albert Schermers                                                                                                                                   Assistant Chair


Robert Bruce                              College Heights SDA Church                                                          Treasurer


Sandra Phillips                            St. Cyprian Anglican Church                                                          Secretary


Ed Reimche                                 Lacombe Community Church                                                       Board Member


Betty Gray                                   Wolf Creek Community Church                                                    Board Member


Martha Warner                          Bethel Christian Reformed Church                                              Board Member


Marian Sage                               St. Stephen’s Catholic Church                                                       Board Member


Jean Cheek                                  Current V. Link Coordinator                                                          Nonvoting Board Member


Our volunteers have been assisting our community and church seniors, who have handicaps and a variety of other needs. The most frequent requirement is for transportation.  Anyone from our church having time, ability, and transportation who can assist in this Christian endeavor, is asked to prayerfully consider being part of Volunteer Link by contacting Bob Bruce at 403 782-5737.