We are pleased you are considering using our church for your wedding service. The facilities of the church exist for the service of God and for use in such ways as will bring honour to Him. As a church community, we place a great deal of value on the institution of marriage and feel it imperative to affirm as many positive aspects leading to the joining of two lives as possible. One of the aspects we deem especially important is the similarity of religious beliefs and affiliations; however, our church is open to all who desire to have a Christian wedding.

The wedding is a religious service and the sacredness of the service should be considered in all of the plans, including the selection of music, decorations, dress, etc. We encourage you to plan your wedding so that the sacredness and beauty of the service will not be overshadowed by unnecessary decoration or display and the service be dignified and characterized by Christian simplicity and modesty.

We want your wedding to be a joyful and memorable occasion.

For more information on celebrating your wedding at the College Heights Adventist Church, please download our

Wedding Information & Reservation Form.