Experience Salvation – a Medo-Persian Ministry

Safa’s journey: Esther and I were born into deeply religious Muslim families. From early childhood I searched for God and wanted to have a connection with Him. After marriage and the birth of our sons, I met a Christian who studied the Bible with me. When I finally accepted Jesus as my Saviour, I found the peace I had been searching for. I wanted to study and work for God – to be His servant. Through a dramatic vision the Lord revealed Himself to my wife. Both of us were ordained as pastors and shared the gospel underground in my country for 5 years. I was arrested a number of times and tortured. But God opened a door for my family to escape in 2014. We spent 6 years as refugees before being accepted for immigration to Canada as privately sponsored refugees, supported by members of a Sabbath School Class of College Heights Church in Lacombe, Alberta. While In exile I was baptised into the Adventist Church and worked as a Global Mission Pioneer establishing an Adventist church in the city where we lived as refugees. During this time, I started using online platforms to teach the Bible in my two mother languages. My desire is to continue digital evangelism for my people full-time, being faithful to the vision the Lord has given me, to take His message to my people who are searching to know the Lord Jesus.

Ministry overview: The current focus of our ministry is twofold.
1) We seek to share the gospel with my people. Esther and I connect daily with many people via various digital platforms. We seek to connect new contacts with online group meetings, such as daily Bible study and prayer groups, eventually introducing them to our ministry leaders in different countries. Presently we have local ministry hubs in several European and Middle Eastern countries. About 150 people have been prepared for baptism over the past 2 years.
2) We seek to train leaders to nurture new believers. Currently I lead training groups for ministry leaders, providing training that is specific for the local country context. To date we have trained 10 leaders; most are volunteers.

Ministry needs:
Esther and I want to continue our ministry full time. My goal is to develop more online training for leaders, eventually multiplying our work tenfold within 10 years. As the Lord continues to reveal His vision for my people, it is my desire to dedicate myself full-time to this work.

The College Heights Seventh-day Adventist Church has formally approved Experience Salvation as a donor supported ministry of the church, with oversight from the church board. For questions or information please contact Warren Kay, chair of the ministry steering committee.

Contact us:
Warren Kay
email: wkaysix@gmail.com
phone: 403-302-9292

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